What Qualifies RGC as a Modern Sales Pro?

Consistent and Dependable Sales Results

RGC Sales in a nutshell:

  • Sales strategies that have driven over $500 million in sales revenue
  • VP of Sales at LocalSphere (now RTOWN) and current shareholder
  • Enterprise Sales Manager and current shareholder of HootSuite
  • VP of Sales and original founding shareholder of Canpages
  • Director of Sales, Internet Mentor, and Coach at Telus
  • Top 3% in Canada with over 8,000 LinkedIn followers
  • Coached and trained over 1,000 salespeople
  • Countless sales awards and accolades
  • Over 600 sales endorsements
  • Professional Speaker
  • Published Author

Sales Certifications

  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Sales Leadership Development
  • Fortune 500 Sales Training
  • Best-In-Class Sales Training
  • Selling to Behaviour Styles
  • Get Into Your Buyers Head
  • Change Management 
  • Effective Mentoring
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • SPIN Selling

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Published Author

Modern Sales Made Simple

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What people say?

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"I cut my teeth serving TSXV companies, a sales-driven group if there ever was one. But no one ever took as much time and effort to teach me as Ron. Every salesperson talks “results-driven” but Ron walks the talk. Best of all, he listens: he’s a down-to-earth guy who wants what’s best for you! If you need that kind of help call Ron."

"Ron has a unique vision and desire to deliver outstanding results. I have always known Ron to be a driven leader. As a sales leader Ron was nothing short of exceptional. His attitude was enthusiastic and infectious to all that worked with him and for him. I would highly recommend Ron for any company looking for the desire, passion and motivation to grow and to win."

"Ron's enthusiasm and passion for business was contagious. I have never worked for someone so driven and successful that I find myself attempting to emulate his style in my own professional career. Ron is the type of individual who would make any project he was a part of an instant success."

"Ron excelled at building internal and external relationships to the betterment of the corporation, coached and mentored by a combination of experience and example, and did it with energy and a confidence that was truly contagious. I would recommend Ron to build and lead a team anytime."

The Founder, Ron Cassan

Why I do what I do?

My real passion is teaching, coaching and sharing my knowledge with others. My philosophy is simple; you can only help someone when you take the time to educate them. In 2015, I decided to step back from my senior executive VP Sales Leadership roles to dedicate my time to helping other businesses achieve their sales goals.

As a Senior VP Sales Professional, I've learned that potential customers are not going to wait for you in this fast-paced world. Device technology, the internet, and social media platforms are only going to increase in popularity, and become faster and easier for people to make buying decisions, that said the internet has also made it easier for salespeople to sell.

In today’s world, consumers approach the purchase journey from a different path, which means as salespeople we need modern sales strategies and processes that match today's modern buyer behaviour.

Ron Cassan - RGC Sales Inc. Founder

Ron Cassan - RGC Sales Inc. Founder

Today's Modern Buyer Presentation

"Ron Cassan is one of the smartest guys I know," Blair Qualey, President, New Car Dealer Association

Do you need a speaker for your next event?

RGC Sales, Sales Training, Sales Coach, Sales Speaker

Professional Speaker

I have been a keynote speaker in front of 100's of people and also at small classroom educational facilities. I can provide a free one-hour presentation on modern sales, the sales process or today's current buying behaviour.

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