The Modern Sales Boost Package

What the Modern Sales Boost Package includes?

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Professional sales training.

  • Role-playing and real customer examples.
  • Can be one-on-one or with a sales team.
  • Can be done on-site if your business is local.
  • Online conferencing is available for non-local businesses.
  • Includes eight hours of sales training.

The sales training will cover:

Executing the modern sales process.

  • Why You Need a Modern Sales Process
  • How to Start Using the Modern Sales Process
  • How to Identify Buyers Using a Modern Sales Process
  • How to Connect With Buyers Using a Modern Sales Process
  • How to Explore Buyer Fit Using a Modern Sales Process
  • How to Advise and Close Buyers Using a Modern Sales Process
  • How to Handle Negotiations and Renewals

Implementing the modern sales process.

  • How to Use a CRM for Modern Sales
  • What Modern Sales Software Tools to Use
  • How to Set Sales Metrics, Milestones, and KPI's
  • How to Track and Measure Sales Email Success
  • How to Perform a Sales Content Audit by Buyer Stage

Sales training pro tips.

  • To make the training more real-life and get the most out of the allocated hours it is recommended that the trainees take the courses above.
  • Ideally, this package works best if spread over two days, but it can be done in one day if necessary.

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What people say?

modern sales, sales training, sales stratgies

"Ron has a unique vision and desire to deliver outstanding results. I have always known Ron to be a driven leader. As a sales leader Ron was nothing short of exceptional. His attitude was enthusiastic and infectious to all that worked with him and for him. I would highly recommend Ron for any company looking for the desire, passion and motivation to grow and to win."

"I cut my teeth serving TSXV companies, a sales-driven group if there ever was one. But no one ever took as much time and effort to teach me as Ron. Every salesperson talks “results-driven” but Ron walks the talk. Best of all, he listens: he’s a down-to-earth guy who wants what’s best for you! If you need that kind of help call Ron."

The Boost Package


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

  • Modern Sales Process Training
  • Duration: Eight Hours

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