Ron Cassan | RGC Sales Inc.
Ron Cassan | RGC Sales Inc.

Sales Program FAQ's

What type of sales does this work for?

The Buyer-Centric Sales training Program works flawlessly for business to business sales reps and some business to consumer sales reps also find the selling courses incredibly beneficial.

Why trust this sales training program?

Ron Cassan has lead, trained and coached over 1,000 salespeople, has over 600 sales endorsements and generated over $300 million in sales.

What format are the sales courses in?

The sales courses are visual based learning PDF format which are quick, simple and easy to understand. Perfect for salespeople that want it fast.

Is there individual sales rep training?

Yes, when time permits. I can provide individual one-on-one customized buyer-centric sales training. Connect with me to discuss the opportunities.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Almost, If you don't learn or like the buyer-centric sales courses for whatever reason I'll refund 90% of the money you paid plus you get to keep the courses.

Sales Consulting FAQ's

Do you train sales teams?

Yes, training sales teams would fall under the sales consulting services I provide. For the best results, it's recommended to go through a sales assessment first.

Do you do in-person sales consulting?

Yes, if you are within local driving distance, it can be arranged easily. For cities outside of driving distance, we can discuss the options.

Do you offer customized sales consulting?

Yes, I can provide fully customized sales growth performance solutions for your sales team and sales management.

Do you train sales managers and business owners?

Yes, I can train and coach both and then they can train and coach the sales team for repeatable sales growth.

What are your sales consulting fees?

It depends on what sales performance solutions are needed as each client has different requirements. Here is a pricing guideline for the sales consulting options that RGC Sales Inc offers.

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