Quiz Your Modern Sales Knowledge

Quiz Your Modern Sales Knowledge, sales strategies, test your knowledge

Stop guessing, start knowing.

  • In today’s world, consumers approach the purchase journey from a different path, which means as salespeople we need modern sales strategies and processes that match today's current buyer behaviour. 

  • Are you using the right sales strategies that need to be used in today's world to generate and close more customers?

Let's see what you know about modern sales.

Twelve questions to ask yourself.

Question 1 - Sales Process

  • Do you know the difference between a seller-centric and buyer-centric sales process?

Question 2 - Sales Strategies

  • Do you send the right sales content collateral to the right person at the right time based on where they are in the three stages of the buying journey?

Question 3 - Identify Stage

  • Do you have an ideal buying profile to help you identify and prioritize active buyers versus passive buyers?

Question 4 - Connect Stage

  • Do you know how to use a positioning statement to get into more quality conversations when trying to connect with prospects and leads?

Question 5 - Explore Stage

  • Do you know how to use a power statement to explore buyer fit using the B.A.N.T. strategy and discuss the cost of inaction?

Question 6 - Advise and Close Stage

  • Do you know how to use the 1-10 closing technique, how to use a backward timeline and the seven steps to a final sales presentation?

Question 7 - Negotiation Stage

  • Do you know to recognize the negotiation anchor and calculate leverage with customers renewals?

Question 8 - Sales CRM

  • Do you know to use contact segmentation, create custom views and lists and to filter by explicit and implicit data using a sales CRM?

Question 9 - Sales Software

  • Do you use real-time notification sales software that allows you track email opens, click conversions and document views so you can reach out at the perfect time?

Question 10 - Sales Reporting

  • Do you know how to set KPI's (key performance indicators), sales metrics and milestones so you can calculate sales ROI reporting?

Question 11 - Sales Success

  • Do you know how what sales email metrics and analytics you should measure for sales success?

Question 12 - Sales Collateral

  • Do have your sales content collateral categorized by the three stages of the modern buyer journey so that you are always sending the right content at the right time?

How did you score?

If you did not answer "yes" to all these questions, then it's time to update your sales strategies.

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