Sales Assessment

Why should you assess your sales strategies?

sales assessment, sales strategies

Times have changed, and so has buyer expectations.

  • When surveyed, 70% of buyers think salespeople and businesses are still using outdated sales strategies which cause lost sales opportunities.
  • In today’s world, buyers are way more educated, expect you to know who they are, and want a personalized sales experience, which means as salespeople we need modern sales strategies that align with what buyers want and expect.

A sales assessment identifies gaps and provides direction.

sales assessment, sales strategies

What is a sales assessment?

  • What are your current strengths?
  • What are your current weaknesses?
  • What are your current opportunities?
  • What are your current threats? 
  • What are your quick wins?
  • What sales training do you need?
  • What does implementation look like?

sales assessment, sales strategies

What does the sales assessment evaluate?

✔ Sales strategies

✔ Sales process

✔ Sales software

✔ Sales collateral

✔ Sales skill level

✔ Sales knowledge

How to perform a sales assessment?

sales assessment, sales strategies

Do It Yourself

  • Download the assessment template.
  • Go through the questions and document your answers.
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, quick wins, and training requirements.

Download Assessment
sales assessment, sales strategies

Professional Sales Assessement

  • Reduces the ramp-up time.
  • Quickly identifies sales strategy gaps.
  • Immediate sales improvements for quick wins.
  • Sales assessment can be on-site or online conferencing.

Start with a free assessment
sales assessment, sales strategies

Why get a professional RGC Sales assessment?

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