RGC Sales Inc. Founder, Ron Cassan

Generating and closing sales is not luck.

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A history of sales leadership, training, and coaching.

Awards and Recognition

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⭐ "3x Successful Entrepreneur"

⭐ "3x Top Sales VP of the Year"

⭐ "2x Top Sales Manager of the Year"

⭐ "8x President Sales Winner"

⭐ "3x Top Sales Rep of the Year"

⭐ "Most Persuasive Individual"

⭐ “Peer Recognition Award” 

⭐ “Published Author” 

Sales Certifications

sales leadership, sales training, sales coaching, rgc sales, ron cassan

✔ High Performance Sales Coaching

✔ Executive Sales Leadership

✔ Fortune 500 Sales Training

✔ Best-In-Class Sales Training

✔ Effective Sales Mentoring

✔ Strategic Selling

✔ Inbound Sales

✔ Social Selling

The Founder, Ron Cassan

Why I do what I do?

My real passion is teaching, coaching and sharing my knowledge with others. My philosophy is simple; you can only help someone when you take the time to educate them. In 2015, I decided to step back from my senior executive VP Sales Leadership roles to dedicate my time to helping other salespeople and businesses achieve their sales goals which lead to the creation of RGC Sales Inc.

As a Senior VP Sales Professional, I've learned that potential customers are not going to wait for you in this fast-paced world. Device technology, the internet, and social media platforms are only going to increase in popularity, and become faster and easier for people to make buying decisions, that said the internet has also made it easier for salespeople to sell.

"In today’s world, consumers approach the purchase journey from a different path, which means as salespeople we need modern sales strategies and processes that match today's modern buyer behaviour."


Ron Cassan


RGC Sales Inc. Founder, Ron Cassan

RGC Sales Inc. Founder, Ron Cassan

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"Ron is one of the smartest guys I know," Blair Qualey, President, New Car Dealer Association

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